Asbestos Removal – Methods, Cost and Abatement Companies

Asbestos Removal – Methods, Cost and Abatement Companies

Asbestos, the carcinogen mineral which can cause severe diseases and conditions such as mesothelioma, pleural disease and asbestosis when inhaled, may be present in both old and recently erected buildings. Due to lack of awareness regarding the dangers of exposure, asbestos was not deemed hazardous before 1970.

Nowadays, although banned in 55 countries and restrictively used in the rest of the world, asbestos-containing and asbestos contaminated materials are still widely present in people's houses, as well as in the structure of numerous public buildings.

Because of the low prices and accessibility, some construction companies allow the use of asbestos-tainted products imported from China or India, two of the top producers of asbestos in the world. If you suspect that your house contains this toxic mineral or if asbestos has been detected in certain parts of the building following an asbestos testing procedure, removal is often necessary to protect your health and the well-being of people around you.

The existence of asbestos does not entail a high risk for your health if materials or products containing the mineral are new and undisturbed. Particles of asbestos are released into the air only when friction occurs and it is thus considered safe to leave materials which are in good condition undisturbed. Nevertheless, when they become brittle or damaged, the risk of contamination increases greatly and it will be necessary to contact an asbestos abatement company in order to safely dispose of it.

However, when asbestos-containing materials have only been slightly damaged and do not pose a significant threat to your well-being, you can try alternative methods of dealing with the toxic mineral: sealing or encapsulation. Thus, if a small portion of asbestos tape wrap on a heating duct, for instance, has been torn or frayed, you can easily seal it using duct tape. This method is not recommended for damage which occurred on larger surfaces. Encapsulation may prove to be the most suitable and efficient method when it comes to insulation on heating systems and furnaces, as well as for popcorn ceilings. It prevents the release of asbestos fibers into the air and can be accomplished by using either penetrating or bridging encapsulates, depending on the nature of the material and the complexity of the damage.

Although it is not illegal per se for you to remove asbestos from your house in most states, it is strongly recommended to opt for the professional services of asbestos abatement companies, as undergoing the process by yourself may do more harm than good, particularly if asbestos-containing materials are loosely-bound or friable. Moreover, when asbestos is present in large amounts within the building's structure and the house thus needs to be restored, you will be required to obtain a permit before beginning any demolition process. Do-it-yourself removal procedures are generally unsafe, especially when the mineral is present over an extended surface of your house. Additionally, you will need to make sure you have the appropriate means to safely dispose of it after removal. Due to the significant risks associated with unlicensed asbestos removal, it is highly recommended to hire a company specialized in asbestos abatement whose workers are properly trained and experienced in this aspect.

The cost of asbestos removal varies depending on the dimension of the contaminated space, the company you hire, the state you live in, as well as on the type of the asbestos-containing material which needs to be disposed of. However, the average price typically ranges between $200 and $700 per hour of work. Additionally, after asbestos has safely been removed from your home, another thorough inspection is required in order to confirm its complete absence, which can cost up to $500. The relatively high price of asbestos abatement is mostly due to the equipment which is used for the removal of fibers. Special vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency particulate air filters HEPA filters are required, as well as a series of other equipment items such as eyewear, respirators and disposable coveralls.

Asbestos fibers are very resistant and once released into the air, they can remain within your house for up to 5 years. Therefore, do-it-yourself abatement methods are strongly discouraged as removal is often incomplete or, on the contrary, such attempts may cause more damage. The following list presents some of the most well-known and professional asbestos abatement companies for each state. You can find out information regarding their services, as well as costs and contact information by accessing the company's website or Facebook page.





























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Why Should I Test Products in My Home for Asbestos?

It is often impossible to tell whether asbestos is embedded in a material, as the fibers are too small to be observed with the naked eye. Exposure to asbestos is responsible for serious respiratory conditions, so thorough testing is required to ensure your home is asbestos-free.