Our Partnered Asbestos Testing Companies & Laboratories in U.S.

The following list presents some of the most well-known asbestos testing companies and laboratories available for each state, offering various evaluation methods and price ranges. For contact information and details regarding their services, you can visit the company's website.

See asbestos testing laboratories by clicking on red dots near you area and see asbestos abatement companies by clicking on black dots in your area.

Asbestos removal companies are the best choice if you deal with a large area covered by dangerous materials such as vermiculite insulation or spray-on ceiling treatment (also known as popcorn ceiling), since attempting to abate these products on your own implies a high risk of exposure and contamination, as well as for getting rid of hazardous materials before a complex home renovation or remodeling project. Opting for their services is also wisest if you need a big structure which contains asbestos to be demolished. Nonetheless, when it comes to small-scale work, you can safely remove asbestos by yourself, provided you take the adequate protective measures. For a step-by-step description of the DIY asbestos removal process, please visit our DIY Asbestos Removal page.

There are numerous professional certified removal companies you can hire to properly dispose of it, many of which offer affordable abatement services. Removing asbestos from your living space is essential, especially if the building materials or products are damaged, old, loosely bound or have been disturbed.