Actinolite Asbestos

Like tremolite and anthophyllite, actinolite asbestos has never had a commercial application in the U.S. Due to its high iron content, the fibers of this mineral are green. As it also has rough texture, actinolite asbestos was not suitable for the manufacturing of consumer or industrial products. This type of asbestos occurs on metamorphic rock and used to be mined in Australia during the past century.

The Most Common Uses of Actinolite Asbestos

As it was not employed commercially, actinolite asbestos could only appear as a contaminant in various products until the 1980s, when proper regulations were enforced. Some of the products it would be present in are:

The risk of being exposed to actinolite asbestos today is very low, since the mineral is strictly regulated and its use was not very common to begin with.