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Asbestos Removal Training

Since 2003 the law in the United States requires asbestos workers and contractors to finish an asbestos removal training cycle before receiving the licensing is awarded. This ensures the quality and safety of every asbestos removal work performed.

Asbestos removal training courses & asbestos removal training classes

In order to acquire a license, any one that wishes to pursue asbestos removal jobs is required to pass an asbestos course or class. These classes will contain vital information regarding the following:


  • Products and materials that could contain asbestos fibers
  • One asbestos awareness course
  • Practical training courses for asbestos abatement duties
  • Mandatory requirements as far as protective equipment is concerned
  • Recommendations and clear law regulations issued in the specific state

Asbestos removal training certification

As mentioned above, the asbestos training course needs to be passed in order to receive the necessary certification. At this point you are probably interested in knowing where exactly you could take these classes. Here are some ideas of companies that provide with such services:

  • Ames
  • Shire
  • Silverdell
  • Ferncroft

These are all locations in the UK, but you can be sure that there are a lot of companies in the United States as well that will be able to provide with the needed training.

For those of you that are thinking of hiring asbestos removal companies, make sure to check if the company has the needed certifications and licensing before letting any of their workers near your house. They could do more damage than you think if they are not trained to handle such duties.

Statistics in this field show that in the past several companies have been fined with large amounts of money after testing showed that the respective companies did not have the necessary asbestos equipment, licenses or licensed workers. These illegal activities have been the cause of at least 5 deaths in 4 years, caused by asbestos exposure.

In the United States it is estimated that 85 percent of all asbestos removal contractors have a valid license, and that the rest are undergoing the necessary training, in order to receive the license. This is almost a perfect record, and the statistics of the last few years have approved this.

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