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Asbestos Removal PPE

Asbestos removal PPE (or Personal Protective Equipment) is required by law for any asbestos removal contractor to provide for their employees. Asbestos fibers can also affect those that remove from peoples’ homes, and thus they have to be entirely protected against the known dangers posed by the asbestos mineral. Asbestos workers use several protective measures when dealing with asbestos.

What are the requirements?

The government has issued the law that regulates these measures together with the EPA and MDH. Here are some of the PPE required by these laws:

  • Disposable coveralls
  • Respirators
  • Disposable gloves

These are the basic requirements for any removal work performed under supervision of a licensed asbestos removal company. This equipment is not expensive, and will ensure the safety of any worker if used in a proper way.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that PPE is easy to use and ensures complete safety, many of the asbestos workers (in other fields, other than asbestos removal) are not using it, which is why more and more mesothelioma cases are recorded.

Other protective equipment and measures

There are several other measures that can make the job of asbestos removal workers a safer way of making a living. Here are some of these ways:

  • People that are not wearing the required gear should be able to step into the work area
  • Asbestos waste (such as floor tiles, roofing and insulation materials) should be disposed of properly, in a disposable garbage bag and sent to a landfill that can deposit such materials
  • Any ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) found by the asbestos abatement team should be removed as soon as possible because it could still be releasing the deadly fibers

If all of these requirements are met, the safety of everyone is ensured, and the asbestos removal process can be considered as successful.

Asbestos contractors will be required in the near future to present with a complete list of PPE to the Workers Health Center in order to be tested and maintained properly. This is not a certainty, but more and more people think that it would be a very wise decision, and so do several government officials.

Are you an asbestos worker? Didn’t your employer provide with the required protective equipment? contact asbestos cancer organization and ask what is there to be done in order to work in a safe environment, regardless of the dangers and risks.