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Asbestos Exposure Side Effects

Exposure to toxic levels of asbestos will result in a series of side effects a certain period of time after the exposure occurred. You can see these side effects as the health problems the asbestos fibers are able to cause after they reached a certain amount. Asbestos exposure usually occurs in workers that perform daily activities in an asbestos rich environment.

What exactly are the side effects?

Depending on the type of asbestos you were exposed to and the length of time, the following could occur:

  • Mild to severe breathing issues (you will not be able to perform any kind of effort, this should only occur decades after the exposure)
  • Asbestos diseases, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer (depending on the disease, it can take up to 60 years to experience the first symptoms, or side effects)
  • Asbestos health effects could be permanent for some people
  • Dry cough (when the tiny fibers reach a certain area of the pleura or infect the bronchi in the lungs)

These are some of the common types of side effects resulting from toxic exposures to asbestos. As you can see, they will be mostly breathing issues or severe forms of coughing because of the fact that the tiny fibers affect the lungs in some forms of diseases.

Lawyers that deal with asbestos trials can say for sure that bodies side effects are severe in some cases, as seen in some of their clients. Even physical injuries can occur.

Side effects of treatment

Asbestos products represent almost 20 percent of mesothelioma causes, and roughly 10 percent of asbestos related diseases. Because of the need of these diseases to be treated, specific drugs will need to be used.

Some of these drugs, especially those used for chemotherapy cycles of mesothelioma, could cause some side effects. These include nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, severe pain in some area and the loss of hair. All of these can be avoided if the patient receives side effect relievers. If conventional asbestos treatments do not work, you an ask your doctor to allow you to try some alternative methods, while remaining under his close supervision. These alternative methods have proved effective insome cases, and even they don’t, you can be sure that no harm will be done. Ask your doctor about it, he may be able to provide with contact to a professional.

Asbestos exposure side effects can also be avoided, by completely avoiding getting in contact with the asbestos minerals. That is what the doctor recommends.

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