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Asbestos Exposure during Pregnancy

Asbestos exposure is dangerous for humans in high doses and over long periods of time. However, pregnant women should not worry about their unborn child, because no studies conducted on the matter could show how the asbestos fibers cross the placenta and reach the baby.

Am I at risk?

Depending on the type of asbestos and the period of time the person spent in the rich asbestos environment, pregnant women may be at risk. It is recommended to seek professional advice, because asbestos exposure during pregnancy could still cause a lot harm to you, and not your baby.

Other asbestos diseases that a mother gets during pregnancy might harm the baby, such as asbestosis. The mother will not receive sufficient oxygen from her lungs, and this might harm the normal development of the fetus. Here is what the doctors recommend:

  • Visit a doctor as soon as you find out that you have been exposed to asbestos
  • It is best to perform an asbestos abatement to your roofing and insulation
  • Avoid having any animals around, because they could carry asbestos fibers on their fur
  • Inhalation exposure can be avoided using a specific type of mask
  • You should know that even you develop mesothelioma during the pregnancy there are no chances that it reaches the baby

EPA estimates

Pregnant women that were exposed to asbestos during their pregnancy from which resulted either a lung disease or cancer should remain patient because the baby is safe. None of the asbestos related diseases are genetically transmitted. Neither is mesothelioma.

Symptoms of asbestos related diseases may vary because of the pregnancy, but a well trained eye should be able to detect them with no problem. Humans will only get infected if the concentration of asbestos reaches very high levels. The lining of the lungs, heart or chest cavity has their own protective system, the human immune system, which will fight against small doses of asbestos.

As a conclusion, pregnant women are assured that their baby will be fine. It’s them that have to be careful, because, pregnant or not, the tiny fibers will be able to do their job with no problem what so ever.

Are you pregnant and concerned for your babies’ well being? Would you like to know more about pregnancies and asbestos exposure? Contact asbestos cancer organization and you will receive all the needed information, totally free.